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Vodafone for travelers

I am sorry for only being able to use English, but I'm hoping someone can help me. This fall we are traveling to Amsterdam for a few days and then taking a river cruise down the Rhine and ending in France. I'd like to buy a local SIM card for my unlocked iPhone that will mostly give me internet service, but possibly very occasional local calls and/or text. I would like the SIM card to support a mobile hotspot so I can tether my tablet or my wife's phone, and when using her phone support ATT Wifi calling, or at least WhatsApp or Skype from that phone.

I did this in Iceland (but not with Vodaphone) with great success. I could buy a 2Gig card there with limited calling for a moderate amount. Bought right at supermarket. I'll be away much longer this time and looking for at starter card with 3-5 GB prepaid. I'd rather not pay by the MB. Obviously does not need to renew. I"m not clear what's the best choice with Vodaphone. I have read that since June, if I buy the card in NL, it will work fine and without extra cost in Germany and France up to my bundle amount. Are there any restrictions on that? I have heard that on some systems, though the bundle works, speeds may be limited or the hotspot might not work.

Thanks in advancefor any help ! -John
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There are some Vodafone prepaid bundels, you can find them on vodafone.nl/you
1GB = €10
2GB = €15
3GB = €20

You can use this bundles in Germany!
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