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SMS not sending to one phone number

Hi Team,

My SMS messages to one person are stuck in "Sending...." This has been going on since October 27th.

A few points:

  • They are on the Tele2 network
  • I am able to receive texts from this other number, but not send
  • I can call the other number
  • I am able to send texts to other phone numbers
  • Sometimes the message in my SMS app is "Waiting for network..." for the latest message, but it soon switches back to "Sending...."
  • I have restarted my phone multiple times
  • I have cleared the SMS app's cache
  • There are no other problems with my phone or the network
  • My phone is running the latest available version of Android 11

I hope this gives sufficient detail. Thank you for your help!

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Hi @elscottoro

I'm so sorry for this late reply on your post! Did you already had contact about this matter with Customer Service? If not, please contact them for fixing this issue, but hopefully it's already been solved.

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