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Sub Rosa Does Not Read CAC


I'm having the same issue as above. Just started on my iphone 6, running iOS 11.1.1.
I needed to perform a factory reset on my phone, downloaded Sub Rosa, etc. When I insert the card reader I get the white active light, but no blue 'read' light as before. Also, the screen shows a "no" symbol in the upper left; the red circle with the strike through it.The same card and reader works fine on my iPad, but does not work on my iPhone; both are running Sub Rosa 4.0.2 (8835). My iPad is still running iOS 11.0.3.Hopefully it's not a new iOS issue. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

Please help.

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Oud Vodafone Moderator
Oud Vodafone Moderator
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@rojon, sorry for the late response. Have you already found the solution?

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