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Data running out within 1-3 days

I contacted Vodafone a while ago due to topping up my data only to have it run out instantly and was recommended that I check that there aren’t any apps using data in the background. I turned all of my apps connection to data off except for necessary ones such as maps and WhatsApp etc. While my data is no longer running out instantly, it is still only lasting 1-3 days despite me rarely having it turned on. Does anyone have any other recommendations for how I can fix this without having to pay so much for so little data. Thanks 

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Hi @Alina_bright, welcome here. 

I can imagine that you want to know how you can prevent running out of data. In some cases your phone will switch automatically to 4G/5G when the wifi isn't good enough. With an iPhone this is a setting called 'Wifi Assistentie'. f it is enabled, it can cost you a lot of data without even realizing it.

Useful apps to measure your consumption
- Download the My Vodafone App. You can check your consumption and keep track of your bundle. 
- Use a data counter app. This keeps track of how many MBs your phone uses. Most devices also have an option that gives you insight into your data usage. 


Please note that no data meter can display your consumption with 100% accuracy. In addition, our data counter determines the bill. So you cannot derive any rights from the data counter of your phone.

You can also add a free BloX called 'Beperkt Internet'. When you are running out of data your speed will be limited, but you won't be charged for extra data. 

@Energieboy Do you have also any other recommendations for @Alina_bright ? 🙂

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Oh dear, that's a story that sounds familiar. I assume that this concerns a prepaid account and if you do not have a wallet, you will use up your credit very quickly. It is quite pricey and I think that is why your credit runs out quickly. You have already followed all the other advice and I would also advise you on the things @Cecilia indicates. The only thing you can do is block everything if you don't have WiFi. Wait a few days to really not use any data (so turn it off on your phone). If you still see data being devoured, then something else is going on. It could still be a small check.

Sorry, but I wouldn't have any other advice at this point. Know that if you use prepaid, you will quickly use up your credit because this is simply more expensive than purchasing a prepaid data bundle, or sometimes a subscription.

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