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Cancel the subscription before the term

Dear Vodafone,

Due the fact that I will leave the Netherlands starting with 1st January I want to stop my subscription because Vodafone can not provide me the service that is agreed through the contract in the country where I move. I do not know the Dutch law, but according with 93/13/CEE the contract should just end without having to pay anything else, because one of the parts (Vodafone) can not provide the service agreed.

Also, with 1st January I will block Vodafone to extract money from my account.

I will send a letter to:
Afdeling Annuleringen
Postbus 1500
6201 BM Maastricht

to let you know all mentioned above.

Thank you,
MR Tudorica

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Hello @razvantudorica,

Too bad you are going to leave us!

The Forum is intended for sharing information with other visitors about services, products or devices. A cancellation request via our Forum is not possible. These messages are also not registered in the customer system.

Preferably contact our customer service. The correct form for cancellation subscription due to moving abroad can be sent to your email.

When you send a letter to the address in your post without the form you will receive a response as soon as possible. Don't forget to add a copy of your identity card and the following information:

  • Mobile number
  • Customer number
  • Full name including your initials
  • Full old and new address
  • Start date change of the new address
  • Your signature
  • Requested end date
  • Preferably your e-mail address
Note that the subscription fee, for the period from the requested end date until the initial end date, will be charged directly in total. For your approval we ask you to sign this form.
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