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Android 6.0.1 for S6 Edge+

Hello Everyone,

its been announced that Android 6.0.1 has been released for S6 Edge plus since 25 Feb 2016 and until now my phone didn't get anything . i don't know what's the problem .. i bought it with contract from Vodafone shop .. please let me know why is this delay
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I didnt know it was out , i always do a software check every week and found out that there was an update.
Just try like me a manual software check , maybe its waiting to be downloaded.
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Hello ,

The update for phone devices just started this month (March) other countries had the update faster then here in The Netherlands. If you are going to Apps > Settings > About the phone > Software update (this is via FOTA) your phone will make contact with a server if there's is an update available for the phone. The updates isn't available to everyone or the servers will crash but the update runs in multiple periods.

Hopefully I've informed you enough this far.

Kind regards.

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Hi@alahab could you inform us when you are able to download and install the Android 6.0.1 firmware update?
Thanks in advance 🙂


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Hi @alahdab, we unfortunately haven't received a response from you yet. Did you receive the update in the meantime? Kind regards, Désirée
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Since we haven't heard anything from you, we will close the topic in 48 hours.
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