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Vodafone doesn't know that bank account and card number are different

I believe I have very unique situation - I want to be a new customer, and I filled a request form for SIM. In the request form Vodafone asked me about filling in IBAN number, so I did it.

When delivery guy came with my SIM, he couldn't be able to transfer SIM to me, cause I paid 0.01 Euro with card which doesn't have IBAN as a number. Unique, right? Of course it doesn't have! IBAN - is a bank account number, and card you're paying with has number from a payment system (Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, etc). So I payed with Maestro card, connected to IBAN registered with Vodafone, but in transaction IBAN has not been shown, therefore delivery guy said - sorry, it's not you, good bye.

I called to Vodafone customer support and they said "Oh, this is unique, I don't know, call Dyna delivery".

So I called Dyna delivery and they said "Oh, I don't know, this is unique, call Vodafone".


So Vodafone apparently doesn't know that you could have 10 different cards with different number and different payment systems connected to a single IBAN account. Cause yes, it's pretty unique!


I don't know what could be more awful customer experience for the new customer.

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Hi @gveenblade, welcome to the Community!

I'm sorry to read that you're struggling already and experience this as a false start.

The pin transaction is a validation to prevent fraud. It has to be done, and succeed, with the IBAN bankaccount that has been filled in on the form. We'll dont accept a (credit)card that has been linked to the IBAN unfortunately. Do you own the original IBAN bankcard to fulfill the transaction?

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Hi, Vincent!


Thank you answering to me.

I have normal debit card (Maestro) which is linked to my bank account. It's not credit, it's not semi-credit, it is debit. And on the card i see printed IBAN. But maestro is a payment system, therefore card shows it's maestro number at each transaction.


I didn't have such a problem with Tmobile for example, because each card has a customer's name and you could compare it as well with the one in request.

Knowing that Netherlands is going to get rid of Maestro and move to Mastercard soon (some banks don't offer Maestro anymore for example) I see Vodafone will have big issues with new customers soon, case each one owning Mastercard will also have payment system's number instead of IBAN.


And now, when you see customers struggling, instead of being agile, everyone saying "I don't know, this is our rules". So in my opinion, to preserve customers and attract more of them, Vodafone could do better work here...

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