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SIM CARD just internet for tourist

Please, I need help.
I'm writing in English because I do not understand Dutch.
I'm Brazilian and I'm traveling in Eastern Europe.
I arrived in Amsterdam on April 19th and paid 20 euros for a SIM CARD 3GB + 3GB
When I arrived in Vienna ended my internet and started my problem
There is no Vodafone store in Austria
I went to an A1 shop and they could not help me.
I really need the internet for translation because I do not understand English very well.
As in the message received by SMS had a link to recharge, I entered the site and paid another 20 euros (thinking it would have 3GB of internet !!!).
Which was not to my surprise that in less than 8 hours my credit expired
I was not understanding because I just used whatsapp and google maps and I did not make any calls over the phone!
As I do not understand Dutch, I went to the vodafone website in portugal to ask how I was doing internet for 10 more days here in Vienna and the attendant said that I would have to contact vodafone from Holland !!!
I need a lot to solve this problem: How to recharge the SIM CARD and have access to the internet?
Why did the 20 euros I recharged end up so fast?
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This is a Community from Vodafone and only for customers to help customers. I can't help you with this information, only Vodafone. Go to your My Vodafone app (or account on a computer) and you will see a CHAT button. So you can chat with the Dutch Vodafone! If that is not working, go to the Dutch Vodafone Twitter account or Facebook account. Here you can ask your question in English on a private message.

Try that and you will get help!
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Topic closed.
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