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Retrieving my PUK code if the abonnement that I have with Vodafone is through my employer

Hi, my dutch isn't very good so I'm writing in english.  Here's my situation: I just arrived in Singapore and accidentally locked myself out of my phone.  So now it's asking me for the PUK code which I don't have.  Now the phone I have is through my company which has a contact with Vodafone in the Netherlands.  The question is how do I obtain my PUK code.  Right now I can't receive any messages sent to my phone with the blocked SIM card.  Can I call Vodafone directly to have thims help me?  Please help.
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Do you have access to MyVodafone on the internet? If so, you can get your PUK-code from that source.
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Hi Jose,

Welcome on the Dutch Vodafone Forum!

Do you have some kind of telecom or IT department in your organisation?
There should be a contact who can give you your PUK code.

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