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Prepaid conditions/ support chat issue

Hi there,
I am occasionally travelling to the Netherlands and I would like a permanent Dutch Prepaid SIM card for convenience. It is not intended for permanent heavy use outside of the Netherlands, so I do not care about fair-use-roaming restrictions, but:

1. Is the prepaid-SIM practivated?
2. If not, can the activation be done in foreign countries (using roaming or online)?
3. How long will credit be valid?
4. Will the validity be extended on usage (phone call, SMS) or only on recharge?
5. How long are Opwaarderen-cards valid?
6. Can Opwaarderen-cards be used in foreign countries (using roaming or online)?

Thank you.

PS if i click "open chat" on nothing happens.
PS2: I did not see a Label taht fits but it seems that I have to use at least one.

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Welcome to the customers help customers Community of Vodafone.

I will try to help you answer your questions. And then start with question 1: Your prepaid card is not yet active if you buy it online from Vodafone or in a store. So you have to activate it first in the Netherlands. In a Vodafone store, in the Netherlands, they can help you with that, otherwise you have to do it yourself.

Question 2: No, you can NOT activate the prepaid card abroad. This is only possible in the Netherlands because your SIM card must be active within the Dutch borders when it is activated. Your prepaid card works as soon as you insert it into your device and connect to the network. You activate your prepaid bundle via My Vodafone, or by texting to 4000. Your bundle is valid during the period for which you take out and automatically renews as long as you have sufficient credit. Have you run out of credit? Then your bundle ends automatically and you pay the standard rate. Read more about prepaid activation

Question 3: Your credit remains valid indefinitely, if you use it at least once every 6 months. After every paid call or text message, every internet session (not via WiFi) and every top-up, your total credit is valid again for 6 months. Read more about validity

Question 4: see answer to question 3

Question 5: To top up your prepaid card and you are abroad, it is better to top up online. Are you going on a trip? Simply top up your credit online. A foreign top-up voucher does not work. But a Dutch top-up voucher does. You will receive a confirmation SMS and you can use the credit within 1 hour. If you are in the Netherlands, you can also top up online or buy a top-up code in a store. This code is not valid for a long time because they want you to recharge it quickly. But if you are in the Netherlands anyway, you can do that right away. Otherwise, wait until you need one and then buy it, I think.

Question 6: see answer to question 5

Answer to questions PS1 and PS2:
PS1: There may be no employees present at that time. But it is also possible that you have a browser that blocks the pop-up and that you therefore do not get a chat box. Please check your browser or use another browser to test. Attention, accept all cookies and do not use blockers on your brow

PS2: I don't quite understand this question

For more questions, it is best to check the Vodafone Prepaid page. This can also be read in English. Vodafone has made a nice translation of the Prepaid pages. My pages, links, are to the Dutch pages. You can also find them in the English section. Hoping to have helped you with this and if you have any further questions, it is best to contact customer service.

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Thank you.

PS1: I do not think it is about the browser, because I tried more than one.
PS2 is about the requirement to set a label for a post in this forum

I do not understand "because they want you to recharge it quickly" - it is a Vodafone voucher, who is "they"? It reads like the shop would choose the validity time span?!

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