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My order got cancelled without a refund


Yesterday I ordered an iphone with number retention as I have a prepaid vodafone sim card since I arrived to the Netherlands 3 weeks ago.


I paid the initial payment of 504€ through my bank in the Netherlands and just started waiting.

Today when I checked out the order, I saw that it got cancelled. I don't know why they canceled the order but when I looked for a refund in my banking app, there was no refund too.


I want to know why my order got canceled or why there are no refunds if it actually got cancelled.

Thanks id advance, I wish you all a great day.

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Hi @meteayy, welcome here!

I'm sorry to read that your order has been cancelled. I can imagine that you want to know why it's been cancelled and the refund will take place. Please call our department ''Status Order'' for more information on 0800-0560. This department can check why the order is been cancelled. For example. If this has to do with BKR, they can also adjust the order so it can be processed. If the subscriprion is been cancelled for another reason this department can also help you with the refund. This is the only department which is allowed to make this changes. I'm sorry I can't provide your more support about this on the Community. 

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