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Google Drive Subscription Payment Declined

I've been paying subscription for google drive in the past 2 months via Vodafone, but the June payment is declined.
Looking for a solution to fix this and I'd like to continue payment subscription via your service.
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Super Expert
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Hello Rachel Wu,

When you have administration questions, you have to call the Customer Service from Vodafone or you can chat with them via My Vodafone. If you don't want that, you can send a private message via Twitter or Facebook. There are Vodafone people who will help you with this question.

This is a Community from customers to help customers and that is not where we can help you with (like a customer).
Oud Community Moderator
Oud Community Moderator
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If you go to Google Play - settings - payment - payments through Vodafone you can activate this.
Just make sure you can pay for content with us. My Colleagues from the customer service can check this for you. You can also check through payinfo, content is possible.
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