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Transferring from t-mobile to Vodafone

I hope you do not mind me posting in English - sorry I do not speak Dutch!

I currently have a contract with tmobile. I am supposed to get 10GB of EU data per month, but the problem is that I spend most of my time outside of The Netherlands in Spain and the UK. They have told me that I need to use my data a majority of the time in The Netherlands, otherwise they will charge me extra per GB that I use. This is extremely unfair as it was not made clear to me when I joined them.

I am going through the process of cancelling my contract with them. I wondered if it would be possible to firstly transfer my mobile number to Vodafone, and secondly what are the terms for EU data? If I signed up to your sim only 'red' plan and had 20GB per month of data usage, would I have problems if I spent a long period of time outside of The Netherlands? Or would I get 20GB per month of EU usage no matter how often I am actually in The Netherlands?
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Hi ,
Welcome to the Community from Vodafone.
I will try to say it in english 😛

Yes you can transfer your number to Vodafone, but you have to get first your subscription at Vodafone and then you have to tell them that you want your number from T-Mobile to Vodafone (better is to call Vodafone first 0800-0200056). Vodafone use a Fair Use Policy too, you can see it here: https://www.vodafone.nl/shop/mobiel/abonnement/redelijk-gebruik.shtml

Do you want to use your subscription in the EU? Then you must be able to demonstrate that you have a lasting bond with the Netherlands. There is a lasting bond if you live, work or study here.

But also when you:
-lives in the Netherlands but works abroad or vice versa (frontier workers)
-for a number of months 'overwintering' within the EU

Have you used your subscription more abroad in four months than in the Netherlands? Then we will contact you. You will receive an SMS in which we inform you about your consumption abroad. You will then have two weeks to prove your durable bond with the Netherlands and to adjust your internet usage abroad.

See the website and try to translate with google. Here is more information about using in the EU. And i say, it is better to call Vodafone 0800-0200056.
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