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For my subscription

After i subscribed from a prepaid card and i keeped the same number where i will be able to track the invoice of my subscription. I have a registration in front with a prepayment number. Will my invoice data appear in the same place


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First I want to respond to the capital letters you use. This is not allowed on the community, you don't have to yell. Please use normal letters in the future.

Second, there is no string to tie. Don't know if you've used google translate like me, but I really don't get what you're trying to say. You had a prepaid number, you took it with you to a subscription and now you say something about saving your invoices so that you can track your subscription. You have made an advance payment? And there are the same invoice data?

But that's right, isn't it? If you first had a prepaid card and now a subscription with the same number, are they registered at the same billing address?

Either way, it's so hard to get this through the community because there's information about you that needs to be checked and only customer service people can help you with that. They can check in the system what is happening now and what is wrong with your number, or your invoices. So I think it's best to contact customer service, you can call them or start a chat. These people can look directly with you and answer your questions. If you can't figure it out with them, you can also visit a Vodafone Store. You then have 1 on 1 contact, maybe that is a little easier.

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