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Delayed order Iphone 12 pro max


I applied for change of subscription to a new one as my current one is expiring soon. The registration was successful and quick unfortunately the order of the new phone and sim took very long time. The last email I received was only informing me that there was a delay. It was not mentioned how long is the delay going to be. I saw on the web that it will take 1-2 days to complete the whole procedure unfortunately that is not the case. It's been a week now since I received that last email. I've called customer support but I was informed that they also don't know what's the status of my order. I just feel disappointed that I don't know what's going on especially that i'm not getting a definite answer. 

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Hi @janeaintnoplain
Welcome to the Vodafone Community. 

I'm sorry to read that your new order is been delayed. I can imagine that you would like to know when you will receive your iPhone 12 Pro. We would like to check this, so we can hopefully give you more information. Can you send me or @Louis a private message with the following information?

Mobile phone number:
Last 4 digits of you IBAN bankaccount

You can send us a private message to go to your inbox, choose for new message and select one of us as recipient of the message. 

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