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The status of the order #460302501

Hi Vodafone support.


I placed the order #460302501, which is a new subscription. I uses vodafone prepaid, but would like to change it to the subscription.

Previously at the end of February I placed the same order #458757461, but it was canceled due to some system error. Vodafone chat stuff help me to place a new order (#460302501), but there have been no update. (I hope new SIM card will be delivered to my home)
Could you check the status? Also let me know how to proceed?

Warm regards,Chizuko



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Hi @Chizu 

Unfortunately is this order also cancelled due to a system error. I just replaced the order for you with numberportering of your mobile prepaid number, however this order is also failed. I want to ask you to contact the department 'Status Order' on 0800 0560. They have more options according this matter then I have on the Community.

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