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VoWiFi not working on Vodafone

Wifi calling is not working on Vodafone NL. I have a dual sim Samsung A8 Plus 2018 which supports wifi calling. In 1st Sim slot I have vodafone and 2nd sim slot KPN. For KPN I am able to switch on VoWiFi. But for vodafone, it doesn't even give an option. I tried with vodafone alone in phone and wifi calling menu doesn't appear at all. For KPN, it works and switches on perfect.

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Hi @neeraj_bsr
Welcome to the Vodafone Community. 

Strange that VoWiFi isn't working on your mobile phone. Your device is supported for VoWiFi according to this document. I understand that you don't even see the option for VoWiFi on the Vodafone network. This option is also not visible when you only use your Vodafone simcard. I would recommend to call or chat with our customer service so several options can be checked in one time. 

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