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How to I file a formal complaint

I've been waiting for 2 weeks to get my e-sim activated, spent 4 hours with customer support on the phone and went to the store 2 times (1.5 hours each time)

The problem was not solved and one of the phone customer support lied to me and just asked me to go to the store when it was not possible to fix the issue from there yet

How come you don't value the time of your customers and lie to them? How is n't it possible to file a formal complaint through the customer support? How can I file a complaint?

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Hi @aka-momo 

Previously we had a contact form where you could also choose to 'submit a complaint'. A while ago we stopped offering this contact option. So there is no e-mail address available unfortunately.

You can submit a complaint via customer service. This can be done, for example, by telephone, but also via Facebook, Twitter or chat. I can imagine that you may prefer to discuss the situation privately. In that situation, you could choose to send the complaint to us privately via Facebook Messenger.

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