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Number Portability


Good day everyone. I am using a network from which I would like to move to Vodafone with the same number. I understand I can do that using number portability. 


I have some questions now. 

1. The network I have now has a contract until December 2023. Will I need to pay the remaining amount for the rest of the months and then I will be able to start using Vodafone after number portability or How does it work?

2.  I would like to get a handset(mobile) and sim from Vodafone with EMI option. What would be the procedure if I do number portability? 


Looking forward to your response. Thank you.

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Hi @vmn510
Welcome to the Vodafone Community

Nice that you are interested in a Vodafone subscription! You are very welcome as a new customer. I understand that you would like to keep your current mobile number. You understand correctly that number portability is the way to do this. 

I would like to answer your questions: 
1. You can request number portability from 120 days before the end date of your current subscription.
If your request has been approved, you will receive an order status message with the first possible switch date. We check with your current provider when you can switch free of charge, taking into account the end date of your contract and your notice period. So your subscription will start when your contract at your current provider is finished. 

Would you like to start your subscription before the end date of your contract? Then you need to buy off you contract at your current provider first. After buying of your contract they can release your number for number portability. After this you can order a subscription at Vodafone with number porting.

2.  According to the EMI option. When you order a subscription with number portability you can choose if you want to pay the amount for your new mobile phone directly or want montly device costs. For example I use this screenshot of our website: 

The amount of the device remains the same, however you have the option to pay for it in one time or can determine the hight of your montly device costs. 

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Thanks for your time. I'll have a look on what I can do. Good day!

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