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Re: Delivery update Iphone 15PM Onopgelost

Dear @Cecilia, I see the delivery page was updated today. Now for my device ordered after 20th October (my order is 24th) it says again 1-2 weeks. Does that mean now there can be an extra 2 weeks time...

Re: Delivery update Iphone 15PM Onopgelost

I understand the delivery time page, I was confused since my order was placed on 24th October and it said 1-2 weeks it should have been delivered by November 7th the latest. I am just guessing it may ...

Re: Delivery update Iphone 15PM Onopgelost

Dear Cecilia, Thank you for the quick reply! I understand my order is still a back-order for now. However, why do you say it should be delivered by 14th Nov? The delivery time for Blue color was 1-2 w...

Re: Levering IPhone 15 Pro Max Onopgelost

Can you let me know if you have any updates? I am in the same situation, SMS said delivery by end of week 44 and nothing yet, no T&T or updated SMS...

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