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My Vodafone is also available in English.

You can access the language settings of your device from your My Vodafone app.

In the My Vodafone app ➡️ Go to: Profile ➡️  tap Settings ➡️ tap Language and select your language. 

Does your phone use iOS13 or higher? Then you can choose a preference language for My Vodafone.


➡️ Go to Language and Regional settings in your device
➡️ Select two languages.
➡️ After that you can set the preference language for your app.

This way you can use your app in English while your devices is on Dutch (or any other language). So, you do not need to install anything. Check out the My Vodafone app on your phone for more information. 

MicrosoftTeams-image Ine.png

 Do you have any questions or input about the English version? Please let us know below. 

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