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Red unlimited



I have subscribed to Red Unlimited to avoid having issues with overconsumption of data. By moving to this subscription, I discovered the "top up" concept, this in itself is not a good experience. Also, having to relaunch the Vodafone application more than 10 times just to be able to log in is a terrible experience. In the middle of meetings, it can take up to 15 minutes before even accessing the top up button. 
As much as I understand this might not be an easy service, if the app must be used to top up data, it should work much better than it currently does. 

I use an iPhone, up to date and constantly get issues. For example: 

1. Receive the out of data SMS

2. With no apps open on the phone, I open the Vodafone app

3. First thing I see is an error message: Login failed, please try again. 

4. After 5 attempts to log in, I finally access my space

5. Notice that the data information is very often wrong,  tap on the "tegoed" section anyway

6. Notice that again, the data information is often wrong so sometimes the "top up" button is not showing

7. If the button is showing, tap it to top up 

8. You might have to tap up to 4 times before receiving the confirmation SMS

This process is way too long, if the app has to be used, it needs to improve. Would love to see an increase the data cap to actually unlimited or make it higher (8GB) 



Andere gebruikers met deze vraag