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Restore phonenumber?

I have a phone number 06***. But now it is not valid. It was lebara. But they can't restore it. They told me to ast other providers if they can restore it. Because I have a lot of acc with this number

**Phonenumber removed by moderator - please be aware of sharing personal details**

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Hi @Oleksandr

First of all; I removed your mobile number, please be aware of sharing such personal information on a public forum. I'm sorry to hear that your Lebara number is not valid anymore. We, as Vodafone, can't restore this number. If Lebara (the owner of the number) can't restore it, another provider also can't.

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This is what I call a cupboard to the wall moment. How does Lebara come to go to another provider and ask there to make the number active. Just sheer nonsense! You probably haven't used or upgraded your number for a while, and then they close your number. What they do with every provider, by the way, is not new. Always check yourself carefully to keep the number active, that's the only advice at the moment.

Cecilia is right, Vodafone cannot solve this for you either. Once the song has stopped, it has stopped. That's a pity, but if you want to file a complaint about that, you really have to contact Lebara.

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