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I am unhappy about the service and want to open a complain - however I cannot find the complain form

Note: caps are wanted.
(Please, add the ENGLISH option to your NL website!!!!).
After realizing that I have been with no mobile data for days, I have called the customer service. Your agent, Angelica, was extremely helpful and kind. She put myself and my other mobile number (used by my partner) on a new plan where we will have 20GB for 15€ a month.
Now. I have paid much (muuuch!!!) more than for much less than 20GB a month used. In fact I see that in September you are billing me more than 150€. THIS IS UNFAIR! And I'm extremely unhappy about this.
So I am opening this claim to hear what you can offer. Below my reasonable requests:
1. Set the bill (owned in September) from €150 to €30 (ie how much I will pay from now onwards).
2. Looking at my bill history, I see that (at least - I feel lazy in looking for more) from Match 2022, I have always paid more than 40€ (some months eg Aug 2022, even 109€). Therefore I believe it is fair if you refund me of at least €300 (IF I WAS PAYING €30 per month IN THIS PERIOD OF TIME THEN THE REFUND WOULD BE slightly more than €480)
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Hi @Raffo85H 

When I check your data you had contact with my colleague on 16 September. The subscription of you and your partner has been changed from Start L & Red Essential into Start XL. Including discount you pay for both Start XL subscriptions (in total) € 30 p/m. So since 16 September your subscription has been changed. Before this date you paid for Start L en Red Essential (total € 39,80).

However all your invoices are higher. I checked a few invoices and all of them are higher because of usage of data  outside your mobile plan. I can imagine that you are unhappy about this and that you are shocked by the amount of these invoices. When there is usage outside your plan, you pay additional costs for this usage. I'm sorry, but I can't make a credit for this. 

I see that currently also 'Beperkt Internet' has been added to both subscriptions. With this BloX you avoid those extra costs. Your internet speed will be reduced after the data of your mobile plan is been used. 

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